Bukhoor: Arabic name given to woodchips soaked in fragrant oils. (source: en.wikipedia.org) The fragrances are released into the air when this stuff is burned. It’s used mostly during special occasions & to get rid of unpleasant smells inside the home. This is a picture of one of the bukhoor plates that are behind that weird smell in my clothes .

The Mysterious Bottle of Rub

Bottle of Date Syrup

Came across this reused bottle of water filled with a brownish orange fluid. I wondered what it is. Knowing people’s love for food & wanting to think of the worst possibilities, I assumed it was date syrup (rub) & that someone was about to have it with their morning “sifnz” or “asida.” Hahaa!

So I asked, “Why do we have a bottle of rub around?”

Person:  That’s not rub! 

Me: Then what is it?

Person: Betadine! (that’s a topical antiseptic used to prevent wound infection)

It’s A Free Country


We needed a consultation so I was asked to go down to the out patient clinic and inform them. I knocked on the door a couple of time & waited. There was no answer. Decided to ask the lady at the reception to get information on the “guys we need.”


Me: Hi. I wanted to ask you about the “guys we need” 

Person: Did you knock on their door?

Me: Yes, I did. There was no answer.

Person: They’ll be back.

Me: Where would I find them at this time?

Person: A relative of someone in their department passed away so they all went to the funeral.

Me: So, when do I comeback?

Person: Check again at 12:30 or comeback tomorrow. 

Me: Question! Are they suppose to be in their clinic today?

Person: Yes, but like I told you. Someone’s relative passed away and they all went to the funeral.

Me: So they’re suppose to be here?

Person: How many times do I have to tell you for you to understand. They have a funeral….

Me: I am just making sure that they are suppose to be here and it’s not their day off.

Person: We Libyans are like that…..don’t you know that Libya is a free country?

Follow The Leader


Today, I was stopped by a red light as I was driving through traffic. The policeman behind me was not too pleased so he honked his horn away. I thought he wanted me to move up, but I realized if I moved up any further up I would not see the traffic light. He basically DROVE AROUND ME and made his turn while it was a RED LIGHT!!….and the rest of the cars followed.

As you can see in the picture, the police car was the first in making that turn during the red light and the 3 other cars followed.

Getting Your Tubes.


The other day we needed tubes to send some blood samples to the lab, obviously. It wasn’t for 1 or 2 patients, but many! So, we started with the first patient and things went smoothly. With the second patient we noticed there was no more tubes left.

Me: We need more tubes, please.

Nurse: What do you need them for?

Me: To send blood to the lab?

Nurse: Which patient?

Me: It’s not one patient. It’s 6.

Nurse: I am not responsible. Don’t ask me.

Me: Who do I ask?

Nurse: I don’t know. Not me.

Me: Ok, thank you.

So, I walked down the hallway to find someone else who can help me.

Me: We need more tubes.

Nurse2: What do you need them for?

Me: What does a person do with tubes other then send them to the lab to know someone’s complete blood count?

Nurse2: Where are you from?

Me: Are you going to give me those tubes?

Nurse2: w ras omik etgoleeli enti mneen? (untranslatable)

Me: I am from Libya. That is all you need to know. Now, are you going to give me those tubes?

Nurse2: bet tal3nee men 3glee inti wala shini? Tara e7lfee 

Me: I am not kidding. Now, are you going to give me those tubes?

Nurse2: khairek tedwi heki?

Me: *rolls eyes*  Are you going to give me those tubes?

Nurse2: akeeda omik mish Libeeya.

Me: This is not the time for this discussion. Are you going to give me those tubes?

Nurse2: *looks at me from head to toe & pauses*
There are some in the treatment room.

Me: No, I was just there.

Nurse2: Last room on your right, you’ll find them under the desk.

I cheerfully walked down the hall to that room. Looked under the desk she mentioned and NOTHING. Nurse #3 walked into the room, finds me inside, and asks, “What are you doing?”

Me: I am looking for CBC tubes?

Nurse #3: Why didn’t you ask me?

Me: I’m sorry I didn’t know you where you were.

Nurse: What patients do you need them for?

Me: We need them for 6 patients ….

Nurse #3: I mean are those patients on our floor?

Me: Yes.

Nurse #3: Are all 6 patients on our floor?

Me: Yes.

Nurse #3: Show me those patients. 
*walks out of the room and  into the hallway*

Nurse #3: There are some in the treatment room.

Me: No, I was just there. We used the last tube.

Me: They’re right there sitting & waiting.

Nurse looked at all the patients carefully to make sure they’re all on her floor. 

Nurse #3: Open your hand.

Me: *confused* ok?

She finally handed me over 6 tubes I’ve been asking for.

Time taken to get tubes: 38 minutes

Leftover Energy: 0.00

We’re Sinking!

imageimagePicture: (1) the sink (2) the sink while the water is running

A friend of mine put it this way, “we get a fountain in the middle of the hospital.” Oh, what a luxury!

**Note: Although not all the sinks in hospitals are like that, a lot resemble the above pictures. They often remain like that for days to weeks. Usually until someone volunteers to fix it or they actually get around to getting a person to fix it.

Fashion Police

Debbie Downer: I need to tell you something.

Me: Yes. (panicking because ‘I need to tell you something’ is never good stuff)

Debbie Downer: Your scrubs are too revealing.

Me: *looking at her with a raised eyebrow trying to comprehend*

Debbie Downer: the pants are too tight and the shirt is too short.

Me: *continues to look at Debbie Downer*

Debbie Downer: I just wanted to tell you that. The blue ones are better on you. So wear those ones.

Me: *paused for a minute and decides it’s time to walk away*